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    My Wellness Journal is a 2014 Webby Honoree! We are very happy to be along side other great honorees in the Health and Fitness category such as Nike, CVS, Walgreens, IDEO, the Red Cross.

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Your medical records stored securely in your pocket.

My Wellness Journal is a mobile app that allows consumers to safely and securely store their own and their family member’s medical information on their iOS devices. Consolidate your family’s health information, including everything from medical history and medications to diagnostic and exam files and more, in a 100 percent portable application.


Good riddance to paper records.

Electronic medical records are becoming the new norm in health care. By shifting from paper to digital patient records, the health care industry has improved the speed, safety and accuracy of patient care. Take your records with you when you switch doctors or cities.

Track information for your whole family.

My Wellness Journal allows you to establish multiple profiles so you can track the health records for your whole family.  This allows one person to keep the records, but allows you to share with other users as needed.

Made for your Apple mobile devices.

My Wellness Journal was built to leverage the power and portability of the iPhone and iPad. Easily carry binders worth of information in your pocket.

Securely share information.

You have the ability to share your records with who you want, when you want…securely.  With the option to print or email your information, you are in control of your information. .

Customize for your needs.

With the ability to add new information and track based on your needs, My Wellness Journal allows you to customize the app to fit your needs.

Health Records in Your Pocket.

Instead of carrying large file folders, post it notes, or scraps of paper, now you can organize your information and have it with you when you need it.